Last day of my attempt at a 30 in 30 challenge……  Several were indeed finished, but not the grand total I would have liked!  But have gotten quite a few paintings a little further along in the process, and may manage to finish a few  more today…..  time will tell

But here is a a small piece finished this month…..  “Early Morning Flight #1″ 



Well , I have fallen a little behind with all that is going on, but have several paintings that are really close to finishing.  If I get 10 completed and finished up this month, I will be really pleased.   But there is another bit of good news.  My entry into the Titusville Art League’s 50th Anniversary Show,  “Antique Bottles” , won the Downtown Gallery’s sponsorship award!  Such an honor!


Here is Day 5 and 6 of 30 in 30. I didn’t get a chance to post yesterday so here are two in one.



Still on track with 30 in 30.  Another piece finished for “International Vibe”.

Life is Beautiful

Life is Beautiful

My attempt to finish 30 paintings (maybe it will end up being only 10 in 30) is still on track.  This is part of the ruins of the Cormo Convent and Church in Lisbon Portugal.  The roof on the church collapsed during a service and onto the congregation during an earthquake in on November 1, 1755.  The church  and convent was never rebuilt and stand as a memorial to all who died.  Estimates are between 75,00o and 90,000 people died in Lisbon alone as a result of the quake and the ensuing tsunami.

I didn’t know all this when I was there.  I was intrigued by the light and the architecture and took some photos……. leading to the painting here.  It will be entered in Art Gallery of Viera’s “International Vibe” show which opens on April 12th.



Ingreja do Cormo

Watercolor c.2014 J. Susan Cole Stone


A lone Canada Goose swims in a small pond early one morning…

Another completed watercolor.  I am 2 for 2!!  If I can finish a painting a day…. that would be a miracle!  So far so good!!EarlyOneMorning...72dpi

Trying again for a 30 in 30 challenge.  I have many watercolors that were started as teaching demos in classes that I teach.  I just never get to finishing many of them before the class is moving onto the next project…..   So I am aiming to finish as many as I can over the next month……

So here is the first in this series….. Sunset Sail…..

Sunset Sail

Sunset Sail


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